Hobbies, leisure activities, and a rich social network are factors that correlate with living longer and avoiding isolation. Mental and social activities are just as critical as physical activities when it comes to healthy aging. The hotel not only provides a great opportunity to meet with people of the same age group, but also offers a number of options to start new hobbies. Some of them are given below;
.  A gymnasium with a physical training instructor.
.  A Steam Room.
.  A games room for indoor activities, like chess and scrabble etc.
.  A weekly training program for learning various arts and crafts.
.  A volunteering option for horticulture/ farming.
.  A group activity comprising of walking in the fields.
.  A group activity of promoting locally manufactured crafts and goods.
.  A volunteering program for taking care of animals and birds.
.  A volunteering program for educating the local community.
.  A Sunday Afternoon guest self-organised BBQ for visitors coming to meet the guests.
.  A once in a week visit to the golf course or nearby national park.
.  A once in a week visit to the shopping mall.
.  A once in a week visit to various touristic sites in the vicinity.