It is a hotel in its planning stages.

It will be a hotel like all other hotels in the world, but will serve a special group of people only. Guests must be 65 years of age or above.

The hotel will operate on no-profit no-loss basis, with the income coming from the room rents and donations from patrons/ partners.

The hotel will have various sources of income like selling locally made handicrafts, by selling locally grown produce, ostrich farming, with contributions by guests to daily administrative activities of the hotel and by arranging events for friends and for the family.

ONE-PPM Elders Hotels has a mission to become a facility of choice in every community we operate in, where people can entrust us with their family members and truly believe that we will love and take excellent care of the seniors of our society, as they rightly deserve.


The hotel is developed on a master plan of 4500 square meters with the following facilities.

.  14 fully furnished suites.
.  Suite area of 250 sqft (or 23 sqm), 9 feet high ceiling.
.  Each suite comprises of a queen bed, two bed side tables, 2 chairs and a coffee table, and a cupboard.
.  Each suite has an attached bathroom with WC, WHB, and shower area.
.  A 7 feet wide veranda in front of every suite.
.  A dining Hall with a coffee shop and a kitchen
.  Meals and snacks for 30 people from 7am to 10pm.
.  A TV room for 30 people with an adjoining indoor games area for 8 people.
.  A gymnasium/ indoor exercise room for 8 people.
.  A well, a water turbine/ pump with an overhead water storage facility.
.  A Bar-B-Que area for outdoor parties with gazebos and benches
.  A kids play area for visiting relatives
.  A first Aid room
.  A massage room
.  A steam/ sauna/ Jacuzzi room
.  A Gatehouse with 24 hour guard/ watch.
.  Landscaped areas for walking/ jogging tracks
.  Trees, Gazebos and water fountains.
.  Administration Office.
.  6 Living Quarters for staff.


It is located 50 kilometers from the city of Islamabad Airport in Pakistan.

West of Mandra-Chakwal Road, on Sukho-Bhangali-Jhungal Road, it is located in the middle of farmlands providing a fresh and quiet atmosphere.

The hotel is built on the land donated by a family living in Rawalpindi and the identity is kept undisclosed.


.  Guests must be 65 years of age or above.
.  Guests are welcome to rent rooms from noon till noon.
.  Guests can stay for a minimum period of 3 nights, and a maximum period of 30 nights.
.  Guests can invite relatives to visit them during the allowed timings.
.  Guests can also arrange parties for visitors on special occasions in the dining hall or in open areas.
.  Guests should be able to live a normal life without continuous medical supervision.


Hobbies, leisure activities, and a rich social network are factors that correlate with living longer and avoiding isolation. Mental and social activities are just as critical as physical activities when it comes to healthy aging. The hotel not only provides a great opportunity to meet with people of the same age group, but also offers a number of options to start new hobbies. Some of them are given below;
.  A gymnasium with a physical training instructor.
.  A Steam Room.
.  A games room for indoor activities, like chess and scrabble etc.
.  A weekly training program for learning various arts and crafts.
.  A volunteering option for horticulture/ farming.
.  A group activity comprising of walking in the fields.
.  A group activity of promoting locally manufactured crafts and goods.
.  A volunteering program for taking care of animals and birds.
.  A volunteering program for educating the local community.
.  A Sunday Afternoon guest self-organised BBQ for visitors coming to meet the guests.
.  A once in a week visit to the golf course or nearby national park.
.  A once in a week visit to the shopping mall.
.  A once in a week visit to various touristic sites in the vicinity.